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Three simple questions

Title: Three simple questions
pairing: Yemin, slight eunhae, hinted kyuwook
Genre: romance, fluff, slight failed comedy
Raiting: G
Length: one shot
Summary: imagine your OTP meeting for the first time. Person A works at a cafe (or other small establishment), and Person B comes in. Person B is infatuated with Person A, and starts to make daily visits in order to (eventually) ask them out.

A/N: not sure what to say, so happy birthday kim yesung.

[HBD yesung]1 month, 2 days, 5 hours, 36 minutes and 17 seconds ago is the time yesung had first decided to make the little Coffee shop with a rock-ish theme his favorite coffee shop.

You may find it weird that yesung even knows how many seconds has gone by since he first came into this coffee shop but there's a very logical explanation for that, Lee sungmin.

The first time yesung stepped into the coffee shop isn't the time said above, it's actually a week earlier than that. That day, yesung decided to have a cup of coffee before going to work therefore he went inside the first coffee shop in his way, blue coffee.

When yesung first entered, he saw a bunch of girls ogling at the 'very handsome cashier' as they called him but it turned out he wasn't as handsome as is he looked because of his rude attitude toward the customers and looks like the girls thought he was 'manly and more attractive' and what so not of 'girls insane crap' as yesung calls it.

Ever since that first time, yesung promised himself to not step foot in that coffee shop again but a week after that, yesung found himself craving for that delicious coffee he had. It wasn't too sweet or too bitter, not so creamy and not so plain, not so... Heck, it was just just so good.

Because he was craving for that taste, yesung went into that coffee shop. It was exactly the same as the last time he came. CNBLUE's coffee shop playing as background music, place as dark and rock like as usual except of one thing or should I say one cho of a rude kyuhyun.

Instead of having kyuhyun behind the cash register, there was a very cute guy that had brown fox like dreamy eyes, hazelnut spiked brown hair, pink pretty lips, pink slightly chubby yet cute cheeks and a very nice rock like outfit that had a bit too much pink in it then yesung would prefer.

Just one look at that guy and yesung could feel his breath being taken away. 'If I knew that rude guy stopped working here, I would've came earlier' he thought then snapped out of it when that cute guy greeted him and asked for his order.

'Wow, his voice is just as sweet and cute as he is' he thought then turned to look at the boy after clearing his throat. "Can I get something sweet and cute?" He asked and the guy gave out the most dazzling smile yesung has ever seen.

"If you're ok with very sweet stuff, I recommend you to try our newest Minnie drink. It's so sweet and cute, just like me" the cutie cheerfully said and yesung couldn't help but smile and say that he's way better than that rude previous employee and as soon as he mentioned him, cutie covered his mouth.

The mere touch of cutie's hand over his mouth made an electric current rush through yesung's body before it was gone when cutie started talking. "Don't you dare talk about kyuhyun like that unless you wanna get killed by wookie" he threatened then turned to the kitchen area "one Minnie" he said and another voice replied" you know only you parent can do that" and both that guy and cutie chuckled hearing that.

When cutie was done informing the other guy with yesung's order, he turned toward yesung and asked him to take a seat and that their monkey would bring him his order when it's ready which made yesung shocked. "You have a monkey as your waitress?" He asked and the cutie let out one of his infecting cute giggles then pointed at a guy who was serving a costumer.

"You see that guy over there?" He asked and yesung nodded "he is called eunhyuk or hyukiee as most people call him but we call him our monkey because he's so cute, very active and has a monkey like gummy smile that's why we call him monkey" he explained.

By the end of cutie's explanation, yesung had realized that he found out every ones name except for cutie therefore he asked for his name and cutie replied him by saying that he's lee sungmin, a temporary replacement for kyuhyun who is busy studying for his finals and that's why yesung decided to come every day in order to ask cutie, I mean sungmin out one day or get surprised by seeing kyuhyun back in business.

After exactly 1 month, 2 days, 5 hours, 36 minutes and 17 seconds from that day, yesung walked in with a new found courage to ask sungmin out and he knows sungmin wouldn't denial once yesung tells him that it's his birthday which by the way is true.

"Yesung hyung" he heard as he walked into the coffee shop and immediately smiled since he clearly knows the soft cute voice that belonged to his crush. "Hey min" he replied and sungmin gave one of his trademarked dazzling smiles and cute giggles.

Seeing that, yesung walked closer to the counter after greeting the monkey and his boyfriend fishy or the weird names couple as he likes to call them then looked at sungmin. "Today I want something really special cause it's my birthday" he said and sungmin smiled while wishing him a happy birthday.

Yesung wasn't satisfied with just a simple 'happy birthday hyung' from his crush therefore he asked sungmin for a special birthday treatment for their number one regular customer.

"I could give you some free coffee but I'll have to ask my boss first" he smilingly said and yesung shook his head, "you don't need to do that. My special birthday treatment for your number one regular customer needs you to answer three simple questions" he said and sungmin blinked cutely at him.

Just those cute blinks made yesung's day a whole lot better but he still needed to do more so his day would be perfect. "What is your phone number?" He asked and sungmin hesitated then gave yesung his phone number which meant that question one was done, time for the second.

"Where do you live?" He asked while sungmin confusedly looked at him then gave him his address after a while therefore yesung asked his third question out of the three he wanted to ask. "Would you go out on a date with me?" He finally asked and sungmin just surprisingly gaped at him.

You could hear yesung's heart crash after seeing sungmin's reaction. "I'm sorry if I've burdened you, it's ok if you say no, I wouldn't want you to just agree because I asked you that" he said and sungmin smiled at him "I would like to go out on a date with you" he shyly replied and yesung couldn't be happier and immediately went out after telling sungmin that he would pick him up at 6 and realizing he's late for work.

That day at 6

"Yesung hyung" eunhyuk and donghae called as they saw yesung at their door and that made him confused. "What are you two doing here?" He asked and eunhyuk said that they live here while donghae went to to inform sungmin about yesung's arrival.

As soon as eunhyuk was done talking, donghae and sungmin appeared and yesung couldn't stop himself from staring at sungmin. He looked extra handsome, beautiful, cute and so many more and that made sungmin blush.

Because sungmin felt so shy and couldn't even look at yesung, eunhyuk grabbed sungmin's hand and placed it in yesung's then pushed the two out the door.

A very awkward silent creeper up on the two after leaving the three lee's apartment until yesung broke it.

"You never told me you live with monkey and fishy" he said and sungmin told him about how they all moved from their parents house and lived together as three friends until eunhae became a couple and sungmin became the annoying friend who they kept for sharing the rent pay with but they both knew that was a joke, eunhae would never do that.

By the end of their conversation, the two reached a fancy restaurant where they had a delicious dinner, a lovely conversation and a great time together and after that, they had ice cream then yesung drive sungmin back to his apartment.

Before sungmin could open the buildings gate, yesung held his wrest and said that he has three more simple questions to ask. "Do you like me? Would you like to go out on another date with me? Would you be my boyfriend" he fired then took in a deep breath before telling sungmin that he really likes him.

Sungmin blushed after hearing that but he managed to say three yes's and an I look you to which was more than enough for yesung who leaned to softly kiss sungmin's forehead then driving away after waving sungmin, sorry his boyfriend goodbye.

This has truly be the best birthday he had ever had since he moved to Seoul and yesung is planning to make every coming birthday with sungmin even better and better then that but based on sungmin's character, yesung is sure that he would plan him the best of surprises. Looks like fate has finally decided to smile at yesung.

From: sungmin
to: yesung
'I forgot to tell you that kyuhyun is coming back tomorrow but don’t worry I think my boss would love to see you'

from: yesung
to: sungmin
'why would he?'

From: sungmin
to: yesung
'because he is your boyfriend'

from: sungmin
to: yesung
'do you mean you own the coffee shop, you never told me that'

from: sungmin
to: yesung
'I did now. So I'll see you tomorrow, good night'

from: yesung
to: sungmin
'ok, sleep tight'
Now fate is truly smiling at him for having such a perfect boyfriend who would give him free coffee every day. Life really couldn’t get better.

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Tags: eunhae, kyuwook, yemin

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