Three simple questions

Title: Three simple questions
pairing: Yemin, slight eunhae, hinted kyuwook
Genre: romance, fluff, slight failed comedy
Raiting: G
Length: one shot
Summary: imagine your OTP meeting for the first time. Person A works at a cafe (or other small establishment), and Person B comes in. Person B is infatuated with Person A, and starts to make daily visits in order to (eventually) ask them out.

A/N: not sure what to say, so happy birthday kim yesung.

[HBD yesung]1 month, 2 days, 5 hours, 36 minutes and 17 seconds ago is the time yesung had first decided to make the little Coffee shop with a rock-ish theme his favorite coffee shop.

You may find it weird that yesung even knows how many seconds has gone by since he first came into this coffee shop but there's a very logical explanation for that, Lee sungmin.

The first time yesung stepped into the coffee shop isn't the time said above, it's actually a week earlier than that. That day, yesung decided to have a cup of coffee before going to work therefore he went inside the first coffee shop in his way, blue coffee.

When yesung first entered, he saw a bunch of girls ogling at the 'very handsome cashier' as they called him but it turned out he wasn't as handsome as is he looked because of his rude attitude toward the customers and looks like the girls thought he was 'manly and more attractive' and what so not of 'girls insane crap' as yesung calls it.

Ever since that first time, yesung promised himself to not step foot in that coffee shop again but a week after that, yesung found himself craving for that delicious coffee he had. It wasn't too sweet or too bitter, not so creamy and not so plain, not so... Heck, it was just just so good.

Because he was craving for that taste, yesung went into that coffee shop. It was exactly the same as the last time he came. CNBLUE's coffee shop playing as background music, place as dark and rock like as usual except of one thing or should I say one cho of a rude kyuhyun.

Instead of having kyuhyun behind the cash register, there was a very cute guy that had brown fox like dreamy eyes, hazelnut spiked brown hair, pink pretty lips, pink slightly chubby yet cute cheeks and a very nice rock like outfit that had a bit too much pink in it then yesung would prefer.

Just one look at that guy and yesung could feel his breath being taken away. 'If I knew that rude guy stopped working here, I would've came earlier' he thought then snapped out of it when that cute guy greeted him and asked for his order.

'Wow, his voice is just as sweet and cute as he is' he thought then turned to look at the boy after clearing his throat. "Can I get something sweet and cute?" He asked and the guy gave out the most dazzling smile yesung has ever seen.

"If you're ok with very sweet stuff, I recommend you to try our newest Minnie drink. It's so sweet and cute, just like me" the cutie cheerfully said and yesung couldn't help but smile and say that he's way better than that rude previous employee and as soon as he mentioned him, cutie covered his mouth.

The mere touch of cutie's hand over his mouth made an electric current rush through yesung's body before it was gone when cutie started talking. "Don't you dare talk about kyuhyun like that unless you wanna get killed by wookie" he threatened then turned to the kitchen area "one Minnie" he said and another voice replied" you know only you parent can do that" and both that guy and cutie chuckled hearing that.

When cutie was done informing the other guy with yesung's order, he turned toward yesung and asked him to take a seat and that their monkey would bring him his order when it's ready which made yesung shocked. "You have a monkey as your waitress?" He asked and the cutie let out one of his infecting cute giggles then pointed at a guy who was serving a costumer.

"You see that guy over there?" He asked and yesung nodded "he is called eunhyuk or hyukiee as most people call him but we call him our monkey because he's so cute, very active and has a monkey like gummy smile that's why we call him monkey" he explained.

By the end of cutie's explanation, yesung had realized that he found out every ones name except for cutie therefore he asked for his name and cutie replied him by saying that he's lee sungmin, a temporary replacement for kyuhyun who is busy studying for his finals and that's why yesung decided to come every day in order to ask cutie, I mean sungmin out one day or get surprised by seeing kyuhyun back in business.

After exactly 1 month, 2 days, 5 hours, 36 minutes and 17 seconds from that day, yesung walked in with a new found courage to ask sungmin out and he knows sungmin wouldn't denial once yesung tells him that it's his birthday which by the way is true.

"Yesung hyung" he heard as he walked into the coffee shop and immediately smiled since he clearly knows the soft cute voice that belonged to his crush. "Hey min" he replied and sungmin gave one of his trademarked dazzling smiles and cute giggles.

Seeing that, yesung walked closer to the counter after greeting the monkey and his boyfriend fishy or the weird names couple as he likes to call them then looked at sungmin. "Today I want something really special cause it's my birthday" he said and sungmin smiled while wishing him a happy birthday.

Yesung wasn't satisfied with just a simple 'happy birthday hyung' from his crush therefore he asked sungmin for a special birthday treatment for their number one regular customer.

"I could give you some free coffee but I'll have to ask my boss first" he smilingly said and yesung shook his head, "you don't need to do that. My special birthday treatment for your number one regular customer needs you to answer three simple questions" he said and sungmin blinked cutely at him.

Just those cute blinks made yesung's day a whole lot better but he still needed to do more so his day would be perfect. "What is your phone number?" He asked and sungmin hesitated then gave yesung his phone number which meant that question one was done, time for the second.

"Where do you live?" He asked while sungmin confusedly looked at him then gave him his address after a while therefore yesung asked his third question out of the three he wanted to ask. "Would you go out on a date with me?" He finally asked and sungmin just surprisingly gaped at him.

You could hear yesung's heart crash after seeing sungmin's reaction. "I'm sorry if I've burdened you, it's ok if you say no, I wouldn't want you to just agree because I asked you that" he said and sungmin smiled at him "I would like to go out on a date with you" he shyly replied and yesung couldn't be happier and immediately went out after telling sungmin that he would pick him up at 6 and realizing he's late for work.

That day at 6

"Yesung hyung" eunhyuk and donghae called as they saw yesung at their door and that made him confused. "What are you two doing here?" He asked and eunhyuk said that they live here while donghae went to to inform sungmin about yesung's arrival.

As soon as eunhyuk was done talking, donghae and sungmin appeared and yesung couldn't stop himself from staring at sungmin. He looked extra handsome, beautiful, cute and so many more and that made sungmin blush.

Because sungmin felt so shy and couldn't even look at yesung, eunhyuk grabbed sungmin's hand and placed it in yesung's then pushed the two out the door.

A very awkward silent creeper up on the two after leaving the three lee's apartment until yesung broke it.

"You never told me you live with monkey and fishy" he said and sungmin told him about how they all moved from their parents house and lived together as three friends until eunhae became a couple and sungmin became the annoying friend who they kept for sharing the rent pay with but they both knew that was a joke, eunhae would never do that.

By the end of their conversation, the two reached a fancy restaurant where they had a delicious dinner, a lovely conversation and a great time together and after that, they had ice cream then yesung drive sungmin back to his apartment.

Before sungmin could open the buildings gate, yesung held his wrest and said that he has three more simple questions to ask. "Do you like me? Would you like to go out on another date with me? Would you be my boyfriend" he fired then took in a deep breath before telling sungmin that he really likes him.

Sungmin blushed after hearing that but he managed to say three yes's and an I look you to which was more than enough for yesung who leaned to softly kiss sungmin's forehead then driving away after waving sungmin, sorry his boyfriend goodbye.

This has truly be the best birthday he had ever had since he moved to Seoul and yesung is planning to make every coming birthday with sungmin even better and better then that but based on sungmin's character, yesung is sure that he would plan him the best of surprises. Looks like fate has finally decided to smile at yesung.

From: sungmin
to: yesung
'I forgot to tell you that kyuhyun is coming back tomorrow but don’t worry I think my boss would love to see you'

from: yesung
to: sungmin
'why would he?'

From: sungmin
to: yesung
'because he is your boyfriend'

from: sungmin
to: yesung
'do you mean you own the coffee shop, you never told me that'

from: sungmin
to: yesung
'I did now. So I'll see you tomorrow, good night'

from: yesung
to: sungmin
'ok, sleep tight'
Now fate is truly smiling at him for having such a perfect boyfriend who would give him free coffee every day. Life really couldn’t get better.

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Counting down our reunion

Title: Counting down our reunion
Pairing: Yemin
Genre: romance, fluff, sight angst
Length: one shot
Summary: yesung's leave for the army.

[counting down our reunion]"Kangin hyung, I'm going now" yelled sungmin as he informed the oldest one in the dorm about his leave.

Before kangin could even ask where was sungmin going, the boy was gone therefore ryowook said "he's going to meet yesung hyung at his parents house" but kangin was not satisfied with this answer, "but why didn't they meet here?" he asked.

After hearing that, eunhyuk butted in their conversation "because he didn't want to be selfish and not let yesung hyung see his family before he goes to the army" he answered and with that it was end of their conversation.


sungmin was rushing to his car so he could go to meet yesung and spend their last day, or what's left of it together when suddenly an arm grabbed his and pulled him into a gentle hug.

"I missed you" said yesung as he wrapped his arms gently around sungmin's waist while the other tightly hugged him and started sobbing into his chest.

Yesung felt worried after hearing sungmin's sobs and so he started running his hand through sungmin's soft locks, "hey hey why are you crying?" he gently asked or more likely comforted sungmin and himself.

"Because you keep reminding me that you're leaving tomorrow" said sungmin in between sobs that are now louder and accompanied with tears and occasional hiccups and it made yesung regret he's actions.

Feeling regretful, yesung raised sungmin's head so now they were looking at each other then wiped his tears "sungmin baby I'm sorry" he said and sungmin slapped his arm harshly. "Don't call me baby, I hate that" he said then wiped the rest of the tear trail on his cheeks.

After 35 minutes

"sungmin hyung" jongjin happily yelled as he ran and tried to hug sungmin if it wasn't for yesung preventing them from hugging each other. "Not today jongjin" he said then wrapped an arm around sungmin's waist "today he's all mine" he continued.

After stating that, yesung glared at his brother "don't you even think about it, not now and never when I'm gone" he possessively said and sungmin's eyes got teary all over and that made yesung feel guilty again.

Because sungmin was about to start crying again, yesung squeezed his side reassuringly then smiled at him "mom made some of our favorite dishes, let's go eat" he said then the three of them walked into the kitchen.

As soon as they stepped into the kitchen, Yesung's mom came and hugged sungmin. "How are you feeling honey?" she sweetly asked and sungmin sighed "I've been worst" he replied and then they all started eating.

After finishing their eating, all five of them went to spend some family time with yesung but sungmin decided to just volunteer to do the dishes so yesung could spend some time with his family instead of himself.

Since it took sungmin forever to finish doing the dishes, jongjin went to check on him only to find him standing in front of the sink with nothing in his hands, just looking absent minded.

Jongjin wrapped his arms around sungmin's waist after seeing him like that but before he could utter a word, yesung stormed into the kitchen with an annoyed face and separated the two before glaring at his brother.

"Yah Kim jongjin, what do you think you were doing?" he threateningly asked and jongjin weakly smiled "I was just trying to comfort him, that's all" he carefully said while yesung pulled sungmin to his side.

Now that sungmin was right next to him, yesung glared at jongjin for the third time today then again said "not now and never when I'm gone, understood" and jongjin couldn't help but nod.

Sungmin found the way yesung and jongjin acted really funny therefore he smiled then turned to look at yesung "yeye, stop treating your brother like that, especially since you won't be able to see him for two years" he said.

Immediately after hearing that, Yesung's eyes grew big from shock "what did you call me?" he asked but sungmin didn't answer therefore he smiled then walked toward his room after saying goodnight to jongjin.

When the two of them reached the bedroom, they sat on the bed until yesung finally made a move and pulled sungmin to lay down next to him then smiled when sungmin blushed a little.

"You know min, it's amazing how you still blush after all those years" he said and sungmin blushed a shade darker then barred his face in Yesung's chest trying to savor every single detail about him. His touch, his hold, his smell and most of all the way he whispers the words I love you against his hair.

As much as he wanted to memorize everything about yesung, sungmin stopped then looked at yesung " hey hyung do you remember our first meeting?" he asked and so they started remembering all their memories together.

The two of them kept on recalling the past memories until it got really late and they both had to sleep and so they both slept whit a single tear on their cheeks but it wasn't a tear of sadness it was a tear to indicate their inner feeling, true love.

The next morning

When the couple first woke up, they went to eat breakfast then sungmin helped yesung re-pack since the first time was just a mess of personal belongings all stuffed in a bag.

After re-packing, the manager came to pick up yesung after that he said goodbye to his family and apologized to his brother for his bad behavior last night.

"Another van is waiting for you at the corner" the manager informed sungmin as he grabbed yesung's bag then started leading him to the van.

Before going out, yesung hugged sungmin then smiled "I'll see you there" he said then the manager frowned. "I'm sorry but mr.lee soo-man said that it will ruin your awkward image if you hug there that's why you'll have to say your last goodbye here" he informed the couple.

Hearing that, the two hugged each other tighter then before while yesung caressed sungmin's hair and whispered the words I love you over and over until the manager stopped him and an hour after that, yesung was already saying goodbye to his band mates in front of the fans.

When yesung hugged his previous roommate ryowook, the eternal maknae tightly hugged him "don't be sad, you'll see each other after 4 years" he tried to comfort him but it didn't work, yesung was both angry and upset cause their managers didn't allow sungmin to even come and awkwardly hug him.

On the other side, the yewook fans where cheering loudly but they suddenly stopped then started cheering again when sungmin showed up and ran toward yesung.

"I don't care if the managers and management get mad at me, I don't care if I'll ruin my tough guy image, I don't even care about causing a scandal, all I care about is telling you that I love you and that I miss you already" he sobbed into yesung's chest.

The fans all cheered after seeing that since it looked so real and it was real, how yesung hugged sungmin then softly kissed his forehead while they both expressed their love. It was just perfect.

After what seems like just a few seconds to the Yemin couple and an eternity to the managers, the couple finally broke away from each other and yesung waved for the fans then kissed sungmin's forehead.

"I love you" he said and sungmin said it back then yesung was gone and the countdown for the four years of their separation started but until then, sungmin promised himself to mark every day of it as a day that will get them closer to reuniting again.

A/N: so, yesung is going to the army (-_-) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but its ok i'll get over it. anyway enjoy this lame fic regarding the reason of my depression. have fun reading and hope youlle be back soon yesung oppa

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4 Days of Valentine

Title: 4 Days of Valentine
Pairing: Yemin
Genre: romance, fluff
Length: one shot
Summary: because this is yesung's last Valentine's Day before he goes to the army, he had decided that sungmin and him will celebrate it for four days.

[four days]Day one-February 11th

'Today is February 11th, four more days until valentine's day, my last valentine with my sungmin. Will it's not exactly my last but after this one I'll be going to the army and by the time I'm back sungmin will be gone', those thoughts were all yesung could think of ever since valentine's day became close.

As he kept on thinking of a way to celebrate valentine's day for four days yesung felt sungmin moving, "good morning" he greeted while sungmin started whining "I'm so tired so it's not good morning for me yet" he sleepily whined.

Yesung chuckled after hearing that "awwwww is my sungminnie tired, why don't you just go back to sleep and I'll wake you up when breakfast is ready" he said as he circled his arms around sungmin's waist.

In reply to what yesung did and said, sungmin to hugged Yesung's waist then smiled "you can go eat breakfast because I'm planning on sleeping for another hour or more" he said and yesung smiled.

"it's ok I'll wait for you but then you'll have to cook me something delicious" said yesung as he soothingly rubbed sungmin's back while sungmin just hummed in reply then snuggled closer to yesung and instantly fell asleep.

+_+_+_ after 1 hour +_+_+_

Sungmin slowly opened his eyes and saw yesung looking at the sealing, "good morning" he greeted as he smiled at yesung who smiled back at him.

After exchanging greetings, the two of them changed and went to eat breakfast then go shopping.

"So what's so special about today that we had to go shopping so early in the morning?" sungmin asked ones they were in the mall which made yesung smile "its valentine's celebration" he happily answered.

Sungmin had to look at the date in his phone after hearing that and it says that today is the 11th not the 14th, "but hyung Valentine's Day is after three days not today" he explained.

Since sungmin was stating the obvious yesung smiled then pinched his cheek "you silly, I know it's not Valentine's Day yet but because this year is special I have decided to celebrate for four days straight" said yesung.

Hearing what yesung said made sungmin frown, "because we won't see each other on Valentine's Day once you go to the army right" he said and yesung sadly nodded "once I and you go to the army" he corrected.

Because the atmosphere suddenly became sad, the two of them decided to not talk about that and have fun and so they did, it was so much fun that by the time they were home the two of them couldn't even blink.

Day two-February 12th

Just like the day before it, yesung woke up early in the morning and got greeted by the sight of an empty bed, sungmin was not there and that made him go out and search for sungmin.

"Good morning" greeted sungmin as he entered the dorm with two large grocery bags in his hand.

Being the gentleman he is, yesung immediately went to help sungmin in carrying those giant bags and by the time those two bags were on the table yesung finally spoke, "what is all this?" he asked.

Sungmin smiled after hearing that, "will you said that you want to celebrate for four days and since you have a schedule today, I decided that maybe we can celebrate by doing something I always wanted to do with you" he happily replied.

"Really, and what's that?" yesung again asked as he smiled at sungmin's blushing face, "you'll have to promise that you won't laugh at me first" sungmin demanded and so did yesung.

Yesung's promise was soon broken when he heard what sungmin wanted to do and that made him pout and cross his arms, "see your laughing" sungmin whined while yesung stopped and apologized "I just can't stop laughing when I imagine myself baking a cake" he stated.

Now that the two of them had wore their aprons, it was time to bake the cake and while baking the cake yesung discovered that he can actually bake a cake without burning down the place but that's only if it's sungmin who's helping him.

Because the smell of cake was felling the dorm, the members immediately came into the kitchen and saw the beautifully pink and red designed cake.

"We smelled cake" shindong said as he almost drooled by just the sight of the cake, "yesung hyung and I backed the cake, wana try it?" asked sungmin and they all nodded while ryowook said that it's so romantic to cook or bake with the one you love.

As tasty as the cake looked, there was something wrong with it that stopped the members from eating it.

"Why did you write happy valentine's day on it? Valentine's day is not today" kyuhyun asked and the Yemin couple smiled "for us it's valentine's day everyday" replied yesung as he wrapped an arm around sungmin's waist while he served the cake.

Day three-February 13th

The third day of the yemin celebration was all spent on practicing, the only thing they did as a couple was eating dinner alone in the dorm then cuddling to sleep.

Day four-February 14th

"Minnie" yesung happily called for his boyfriend once he was all dressed up for their last valentines date, "I'm in the kitchen" sungmin replied.

When yesung entered the kitchen, he saw sungmin doing the dishes "min why didn't you get ready yet, were suppose to go out in 30 minutes" he said.

As soon as sungmin herd what yesung said, he dried his hands then went to change "I'll be ready in 15 minutes ok" he said then hurriedly changed and got ready in less than 10 minutes.

In the car

"So where are we going to hyung?" sungmin asked and yesung handed him a brochure, "were going to the chocolate factory, wow that's so exiting" announced sungmin after seeing the brochure.

Seeing the way sungmin's eyes let with happiness when he saw the chocolate picture in the brochure made yesung happy but what made him extra happy was the way sungmin skipped inside the factory.

"wow, amazing, this looks so good" these were the only words that sungmin could say whenever he saw a new type of chocolate, he looked so cute when doing that and that made yesung smile like a fool.

After 10 minutes of touring the factory, the guy that was leading their way took them to the main room where they melt chocolates then transfers them into those many good looking chocolate bars, candies, and other stuff.

"hyung hyung look it's a chocolate bunny, isn't it so cute" sungmin happily said as he clung to Yesung's arm and after saying that that guy gave one of the already wrapped chocolate bunnies for sungmin.

A boom filled with bunnies, rainbows and other cute fluffy stuff exploded inside sungmin when he took the chocolate, he then got a hold of his self and thanked the guy.

Another 10 minutes passed and by the end of it, sungmin had gathered a basket full of chocolates that the guy give sungmin and it kind of a bothered yesung, 'he's so flirting with sungmin and sungmin is just too dumb to realize that' he thought.

By the end of 10 more minutes the tour finally finished and Yemin were driving back to the dorm, sungmin happily ate his chocolate while yesung was frowning.

"Hyung this is so good you should try it" said sungmin as he give a chocolate turtle for yesung who politely rejected it, "hyung what's wrong? You never reject turtle shaped chocolate" sungmin asked.

Yesung's frown got frowneier after hearing that "I don't want anything that that guy gave you" he said and that made sungmin confused, "but why?...wait are you jealous because he flirted with me!!" sungmin Shockley said.

After hearing that, yesung blushed because he was so obvious and that made sungmin smile, "awwwww, my yeye hyung is jealous, but you don't have to hyung because I love you and only you" he assured.

Now that that was cleared the two of them smiled then sungmin spoke, "this is the best Valentine's Day ever, thank you so much hyung" he said then kissed Yesung's cheek, it truly was the best unforgettable Valentine's Day for the two of them.

A/N: this is freally crappy but i hope you like it, happy valentines day.

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Meeting him

Title: Meeting him
Pairing: Yemin, slight!eunhae
Genre: romance, fluff
Length: one shot
Summary: sungmin never thought that he would confess hiss feelings like that or on Valentines Day.

[happy valentines day]Sungmin was sitting in his room in the campus with his two other roommates, donghae and eunhyuk talking about sungmin's love life which really annoyed sungmin.

"Come on min just give the dude a break he's been trying to ask you out for like almost two months now" said eunhyuk.

Donghae then butted in "you know min I saw him today, he was collecting some rocks in the park" he said feeling a bit confused on why yesung was doing that.

Sungmin huffed after hearing that "who cares, and stop talking about him I'm never going to go out with him" he yelled really pissed off by the fact that those two were interfering in his love life way too much.

Before any of the other two could say a word the three of them heard a noise and with complete fear they turned to look at where it came from.

After looking at the direction of the noise donghae and eunhyuk hugged each other in fear, "your the oldest go check what it is" the two said looking at sungmin.

Because he was no better than his other two friends, sungmin refused to do that, "no, what if it's a killer like in the movie we saw last night" he said voice full of fear.

Upon hearing that, donghae and eunhyuk hugged each other tighter then before "your right" said donghae, eunhyuk then opened his arm "come over here" he signaled to sungmin who immediately obeyed "let's say our last wishes" he said.

"I want to get married to hyukiee" donghae wished which made eunhyuk happy "I want to marry hae" he wished making donghae feel happy that eunhyuk shares the same wish as he does.

Suddenly another voice was heard which made sungmin hurriedly say his wish, "I wish I had someone to love me" he wished which made eunhyuk teas him "if only you said yes to him two months ago" he teased.

Sungmin was ready to yell at his annoying friend when he said that but decided to stop as soon as donghae stood up and dragged the other two with him toward the window.

Now that they all stood facing the window sungmin took a deep breath then opened it only to get surprised by the sight of yesung who was holding a banner saying 'lee sungmin will you go out with me?'.

None of the three could believe what they saw but looks like eunhyuk was the first one to realize the situation "how romantic, why don't you do me something like that?!" he snapped glaring at donghae.

'Greet here he goes again' donghae thought as he remembered the many things that yesung did in order to make sungmin go out with him but only effected eunhyuk.

Because eunhyuk will get mad at donghae after seeing Yesung's romantic gestures donghae memorized every single move he did from sticking a note on sungmin's locker, confessing with a song in the schools theater or even just saying it straight in his face, 'it always look so perfect' he thought angrily.

"What do you think you're doing?" sungmin suddenly yelled which caused donghae to jump in surprise after hearing it.

Because sungmin's yell was too loud the hall monitor heard it and stormed into the room startling the lee brothers who were surprised enough by the rock yesung just through.

"Yah lee brothers go to sleep" the hall monitor yelled and the three apologized then closed the window and climbed on their beds just so they could get rid of that annoying hall monitor.

After that the hall monitor was gone the three of them jumped out of their beds, "so what does it say?" asked eunhyuk while pointing at the rock with a paper wrapped on it.

Hearing eunhyuk's question made sungmin's heart beat faster than before 'what could it be?' he asked himself and then donghae butted in his thoughts "just open it would you" he snapped.

When donghae snapped the other two lee's looked at him confused which made donghae blush "sorry I just got over excited" he apologized while smiling like a silly little fish.

Everybody fill silence after that and it was a very awkward type of silence that seemingly didn't appeal to donghae therefore he spoke, "so.." he started his talk.

After that donghae spoke, the other two who were absent minded got back to realty and immediately after that sungmin started un-wrapping the paper.

Now that sungmin had un-wrapped the paper he slowly read what was on it, it was a phone number alongside with a boldly written note "CALL ME" the note said.

"So are you going to call him?" eunhyuk teasingly asked after seeing the boldly written note on the paper, "I'm not calling him" sungmin angrily replied.

Donghae couldn't do anything but chuckle at sungmin's actions "as you say min" he said then dragged eunhyuk away from sungmin's bed "let's sleep" he said then laid on the bed next to eunhyuk.

'those two love birds they can't even sleep in their own separate beds' sungmin thought bitterly after seeing his two friends back hugging on the bed how he wished he had someone to do the same thing with.

Sungmin's thoughts were soon cut off by the sound of his two friends "goodnight min" the two said "goodnight" sungmin replied then tried to sleep while actually he was thinking about yesung, the paper and the question he left on his table.


It was the morning before the whole rock throwing thing that yesung did happen.

That day sungmin happily walked to his class because this morning his two friends invited him to a special chocolate and strawberry filled breakfast.

Now that the three of them had reached the class they all walked to their seats but one thing caught their attention, it was sungmin's table.

"what the hell!" sungmin almost yelled after reading what was written with pink lipstick and decorated with pink hearts and flowers on his table 'why don't you go out with me?' it reed.

Sungmin couldn't believe what he just reed on his table it was so embarrassing and to make it even worst it got him into trouble for damaging the college's property, what a bad day for poor sungmin.


"I should just stop thinking about him and just go to sleep" sungmin muttered to himself then closed his eyes so he could sleep.

::::after 2 weeks::::

It is Valentine's Day today, the day sungmin most hates but that's only because everybody spends it with their lovers except for him, even donghae plans perfect surprises for eunhyuk.

"Ohhhh, I wonder how will he confess to you today" eunhyuk teased while choosing an outfit to wear for the musical he and donghae will attend which is followed by a romantic dinner.

Sungmin then frowned, "I don't think he will do anything, I actually haven't seen him for two weeks" he said with a slight sad voice help eunhyuk to tease him "awwwww, you already miss him?" he teasingly asked while sungmin blushed an angrily denied.

Since sungmin denied, eunhyuk wanted to tease him again but the text he got from donghae dropped him, "it's fun teasing you but I'll have to go, hea is here" said eunhyuk as he walked out of the room.

As funny as it is, every Valentine's Day donghae will wait for eunhyuk outside their campus so that they could fell like a new couple and that reminded sungmin of how lonely he is therefore he decides to go out and drink alone.

The minute that sungmin reached the hallway, he saw Kim ryowook therefore he approached him, "excuse me, your Kim ryowook cho kyuhyun's boyfriend right?" he asked and ryowook nodded.

"How can I help you?" ryowook asked and before sungmin could answer kyuhyun came and back hugged ryowook, "how's your friend wookie?" kyuhyun asked.

Hearing what kyuhyun asked reminded sungmin that he hadn't introduced himself yet, "hello I'm lee sungmin" he introduced himself while kyuhyun's eyes widened in shock, "lee the witch sungmin?" he asked.

Ryowook immediately slapped kyuhyun's arm after hearing what he called sungmin, "kyuhyun behave yourself" ryowook scolded but kyuhyun just frowned "what do you want?" he asked looking straight at sungmin.

Sungmin swore that he saw fire coming out from kyuhyun's eyes but nevertheless he asked what he wanted to ask, "will you know your friend Kim yesung, I was wondering if he went back to Korea because he haven't been around lately?" he asked.

Just the mention of Yesung's name made the other two frown, "he broke his leg when he was trying to hurry down the stairs after placing a box of chocolate in front of your rooms door" kyuhyun angrily answered while sungmin felt guilty and asked for the details do he could visit him.

At the hospital

Sungmin slowly knocked on Yesung's room after that he gathered his courage that soon faded away when yesung asked him to come in.

"SUNGMIN!!!!" yesung shockingly yelled after seeing sungmin walking into his room and that made sungmin feel nervous, "hi" he said then looked at the cast on Yesung's foot.

Sadness felled sungmin's heart after seeing Yesung's cast therefore he frowned, "your such in idiot you know" he stated and yesung chuckled "just for you" he said and sungmin blushed.

"Hey sungmin I have a question, why don't you like me?" yesung suddenly asked after that sungmin sat on the chair next to his bed, "what, who said that? I never said that" sungmin replied.

Yesung felt confused after hearing what sungmin asked therefore he again asked "then why do you reject me every time I ask you out?", "will you see it's not like there's something wrong with you it's just the fact that you're a senior" sungmin replied.

Again yesung felt confused, "what do you mean?" he asked and sungmin sighed "look I really like you, I actually had a crush on you since I first saw you but then when I heard that you're a senior, I decided to not like you because you'll go back to Korea before me" answered sungmin.

"That's all?" yesung asked and sungmin's eyes widened, "what do you mean that's all?" sungmin asked back which made yesung chuckle "you silly bunny, I was already going to stay here until you finish college" he replied.

Hearing what yesung said made sungmin blush but then he blushed harder when yesung held his hand, "lee sungmin I really like you so will you be my boyfriend?" he asked and sungmin shyly nodded.

"so I guess were lovers now huh?" yesung asked while taking a box from his bag and handing it to sungmin, "I wanted to give this to you when I go out of the hospital but since today is valentine's day so here, happy valentine's day" he said smiling.

Sungmin blushed deeply after excepting Yesung's gift, "I'm sorry I didn't get you anything, I didn't knew you would be my boyfriend on valentine's day" he said and yesung smiled "just saying yes to being my boyfriend is enough for me" he said reveling his inner feelings and that made sungmin happy.

For the first time in his life, sungmin finally enjoyed Valentine's Day with the one he loves most in the world.

A/N: so this might be late but i hope you like it.

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Title: Yoebo
pairing: Yemin, slight!sanro/badeul(SANDEUL-BARO) , slight!eunhae, slight!kyuwook, slight!sibum.
Genre: romance, fluff
Raiting: G
Length: one shot
Summary: a normal weekend in the lives of yesung, sungmin and their son sandeul, in which sungmin fulfilled Yesung's wish.

[yoebo i love you]It was a peaceful Saturday night and like any normal Saturday night, sungmin had invited a couple of friends over.

"So wookie hyung did you make any progress with kyuhyun, is he still refusing to adopt a baby?" asked kibum, ryowook then frowned "I don't think he will ever say yes" he sadly replied.

Hearing ryowook's sad reply, sungmin got closer to him and hugged him, "awwwww, don't be sad he'll eventually say yes, just like siwoniee" he comforted his friend who smiled and hugged him back.

After their little talk the bell rang therefore sungmin immediately went to answer it, "hyukiee, hae you finally made it" greeted sungmin as he took the baby from eunhyuk's arms.

"hi wookie, hi kibumiee" the two of them greeted then went to set next to the other two while sungmin carried their little baby, he just loves to carry that little cutie.

Now that all the friends were sitting they started talking about many stuffs, mostly about they love or their kids until it got late and that made sungmin worry, 'why isn't sandeul coming home yet it's late' he thought.

Right after sungmin's thought sandeul came in, "mom I'm home" he announced then stopped to greet the others while sungmin walked toward him pouting "your late dueliee" he said which made sandeul smile.

"looks like somebody was enjoying his date way to much that he forgot about the time" ryowook teased and sandeul blushed while sungmin scolded, "yah Kim ryowook, leave my baby alone" he scolded then turned to look at sandeul "did you have fun with baro today?" he asked.

Sandeul again blushed after hearing what his mom asked, "it was fun" he answered then softly said "I'll tell you about it later on" he whispered and sungmin giggled, sandeul then excused himself and went up.

Sungmin now got back to his friends after giving sandeul a goodnight kiss and just like usual, they were all smirking at him, "what?" sungmin asked trying to wipe away their smirks, "you know min, it's amazing how you handle the fact that sandeul is dating so calmly" said donghae.

"the freaking out and being over protective is left for yesung" Sungmin commented after hearing that and everybody had to agree since they all saw how yesung freaked out over baro holding sandeul's hand.

The friends then kept on talking fore like two hours, 10 minutes after that kyuhyun and siwon came to pickup ryowook and kibum while the eunhae couple had already went home because their baby was sleepy.

Since everybody was now gone, sungmin went up to sandeul's room so they can talk about sanduel's date with baro and luckily for him sandeul was still awake.

"Spill it out, I want to know every detail about your date before your dad gets home" said sungmin, sandeul then started telling him every single detail from the beginning to the end.

"First we went to try the games and it was fun, we then went to eat before continuing and when we did, baro won me a cute toy duck. After that we walked back home and when we got here he..." sandeul stopped.

Sungmin got curios after seeing his son blush "he what? tell me" he said and sandeul continued, "he asked me if dad is here and when I said no he kissed my forehead and told me that he likes me allot" he shyly admitted to his mom.

Hearing that, sungmin hugged his son "my little baby is all grown up now" he proudly said then broke the hug, "so did you tell him that you like him too?" he asked and sandeul shyly nodded.

After that sandeul nodded the two of them heard a loud crashing sound which made them run downstairs to see what it is.

As soon as sungmin and sandeul went down they saw a drunken yesung picking up pieces of a broken vase therefore sungmin walked toward yesung and helped him get up.

"Oh it's you, I was hoping you wouldn't see the vase I broke. Will you see min I was trying to place my shoe but my head bumped into the shelf and then the vase fell off and my head hurt and now you come" yesung drunkenly said while sungmin tried to help him stay still.

After failing at keeping yesung balanced, sandeul walked toward them then helped sungmin walk yesung up to their bedroom.

"Yoebo I love you" said a drunk yesung while trying to kiss sungmin who smiled at him "I know you love me but let's keep that until were alone ok, now stand straight until we get to our room" he said and that seemed to work on yesung.

Half way on the stairs yesung looked at sungmin, "if we get to our room will you let me cuddle with you on the bed?" he asked and sungmin had to face palm.

The three of them had now finally reached yemin's bedroom and as soon as they got there yesung through himself on the bed while patting the empty space next to him, "yoebo, come over here you promised to cuddle with me if we get to our room" he drunkenly demanded.

Sandeul chuckled after seeing how his dad behaved, "I think you should go to him, Yoebo" he teased him mom who glared at him "yah, are you making fun of me because your dad calls me Yoebo whenever he's drunk?" he asked.

Hearing his moms question sandeul again chuckled "it's cute" he answered then smiled at sungmin, "by the way mom, dad always wanted you to call him Yoebo" he informed and sungmin blushed.

"were leaving a very fine life calling each other yesung and sungmin or yeye and min why would he want me to call him that" he informed back, trying to hide the shyness in his voice which made sandeul smile "just saying" he said then kissed sungmin goodnight.

"Go for him Yoebo" sandeul teased for the last time then ran out before sungmin gets mad and starts demonstrating some of his martial art skills on him.

Now that sandeul was gone yesung started whining "Yoebo you said we will cuddle" he whined while sungmin went to lay down next to him and immediately after that Yesung hugged sungmin's waist and rested his hid on top of sungmin's.

"I love you Yoebo" said yesung, sungmin then hugged yesung back "I love you to" he said and then they both went to sleep.

^*^The next morning^*^

"good morning" greeted yesung as he walked his way toward sungmin who was cooking breakfast for the three of them.

"I didn't do anything weird last night right?" he asked while resting his head on sungmin's shoulder, sandeul then started laughing "you were so weird last night" he answered.

"you bumped your head on the shelf and broke the vase and then when mom and I helped you go to your room you started saying Yoebo I love you, after that you asked mom to cuddle with you and when you got to your room you started wining like a kid while saying Yoebo you promised to cuddle with me" teased sandeul while mimicking Yesung's drunk voice.

Hearing what his son said yesung felt really embarrassed and had to hide his blushing face from his son, he did not want sandeul to start teasing him about that.

10 minutes after that breakfast was done therefore the three of them started eating, yesung and sandeul then got ready to go out.

Since sandeul got ready first he kissed his mom goodbye then went to get on the bus, sungmin then walked to their room and saw yesung wearing his tie.

"You know sandeul will tease you for the rest of your life because of what you did last night" he informed as he fixed Yesung's tie.

Yesung couldn't help but frown after hearing that and that made sungmin chuckle, "you could loosen up with baro, that will stop him from teasing you" he said and yesung got angry "NEVER" he snapped then went down.

After that yesung went down sungmin followed him, "don't forget your lunch" he said as he handed the lunch box to yesung who smiled at him, "goodbye min" he said then kissed sungmin goodbye.

Now that he had took his lunch and kissed sungmin goodbye, yesung went out but was stopped right before he got inside his car, "goodbye.....Yoebo" sungmin shyly said as he kissed Yesung's cheek then ran back in.

'did he just call me Yoebo?' yesung asked himself after hearing what sungmin said, he then saw sungmin running inside and that confirmed him that sungmin did actually say it and for the first time, yesung went to work with a big smile on his face.

A/N: so, I finally finished my exams yesterday while the fic was finished three days ago (I was to lazy to post it). anyway I'm now free to write more fics and I hope you like this random rushed fic that I wrote at 1 in the morning (it was written in less then half an hour which explains the stupid plot)

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New Year wish

Title: New Year wish
pairing: Yemin, heechul
Genre: romance, fluff
Raiting: G
Length: one shot
Summary: Yesung smirked after seeing the blush on sungmin's face 'I think I know exactly what you want mr.lee sungmin' he though.

[happy birthday]"Be a good boy sungmin and listen to everything heechul says to you, ok" said mrs.lee, sungmin then nodded and hugged his mom and dad goodbye.

After hugging his parent's sungmin turned to look at heechul who also hugged them, "try not to burn down the house boys" mr.lee said and then they boarded the plane.

Now that their parents were gone heechul smiled then rubbed sungmin's shoulder "don't be sad they'll send you a gift for your birthday" he teased his younger brother, "I don't care about gifts, I just wanted them to be there for my birthday" said sungmin frowning.

Heechul chuckled after hearing that "awwwww, my cute brother is sad" he said but sungmin kept on frowning "come on be happy, beside you will spend your birthday with yesung right" heechul again said trying to cheer sungmin up.

"As if" sungmin replied and that made heechul confused "what is that suppose to mean?" he asked "yesung hyung has a meeting in busan tomorrow morning" answered sungmin with a pout.

Again heechul chuckled but didn't get the chance to say anything since yesung had approached the two and kissed sungmin's cheek which successfully made sungmin blush and heechul scold.

"Yah Kim yesung didn't I band you from kissing my baby brother in front of me" he scolded and yesung shrugged "he's cheeks are so squishy and kissable" he reasoned then pinched sungmin's cherry red cheeks.

Now that yesung had cleared his situation with heechul it was time for him to celebrate sungmin's birthday before he travels to busan.

+++++at the mall+++++

"hyung I think there's someone following us" sungmin whispered into Yesung's ear, "don't worry min I'm sure your just imagining that" yesung whispered back then turned to look at the stuff.

After going to some other stores the two of them felt hungry and decided to go eat, "hay min, what is your New Year wish" asked yesung.

Hearing the question sungmin blushed "I want to stay with you forever and....." he said then stopped, "and what?" asked yesung but sungmin didn't answer he just blushed redder.

Yesung smirked after seeing the blush on sungmin's face 'I think I know exactly what you want mr.lee sungmin' he though then continued eating so he could bring sungmin home before heechul kills him.

+++++After 35 minutes+++++

Yesung got down from the car and started helping sungmin take the shopping bags inside the house.

After taking all the bags and placing them in sungmin's room yesung went down to drink a cup of water while sungmin went to tell heechul that he is home before he freaks out.

"Min I'm going now" yesung yelled from down stair and immediately after that sungmin came running down the stairs and tripped on the last step landing straight in Yesung's arms.

Yesung smiled at the sight of sungmin tripping and landing in his arms "be careful you clumsy bunny" he teased while tightly hugging sungmin, he will miss him so much when he's in busan.

Being held by yesung made sungmin realize how hard it is to let yesung go and leave him but will that's what you get when you date the vice-president of the most successful company in Korea.

"will I'll have to go pack now" yesung suddenly broke their silent hug before giving sungmin one last kiss on his forehead, so soft and expressing all his sad filling, a kiss that made sungmin even more sad but he didn't show it in front of yesung.

+++++after two days+++++

"sungmin wake up" said heechul while shaking sungmin's shoulder, two seconds after that sungmin woke up frowning "what's with the long face minnie?" heechul asked and sungmin started pouting "it's my birthday" he replied.

Seeing the way sungmin pouted heechul pinched his cheek "don't be sad, why don't you change so we can go out and celebrate your birthday" he suggested then glared at sungmin who just couldn't say no to those scary eyes.

"Fine" he replied then went into the bathroom while heechul picked him something pretty to wear then went to change his own clothes.

20 minutes was all the time needed for the two of them to get ready and after that the two of them grabbed some cookies and juice then went out.

"So where are we going?" asked sungmin when they were in the car "it's a secret place far away from here, just sleep until we reach it" heechul suggested and sungmin obeyed.

5 long hours of driving went by and now they have reached their destination that's why heechul woke sungmin and started leading him closed eyed to a room.

"Surprise" everybody yelled when sungmin and heechul entered the room, "happy birthday my cute baby brother" said heechul as he back hugged sungmin and after heechul sungmin's mom and dad came toward him.

"happy birthday our minnie" the two of them said then hugged him, "you came" sungmin happily said then widened his eyes in shock "you brought aunt suzy with you?" he asked then ran to hug his aunt, it's been 5 years since he last saw her.

"happy birthday baby bunny" aunt suzy said while hugging sungmin "I missed you so much" she continued then broke the hug and pointed at Yesung's parents "who are those two?" she asked and sungmin smiled "yesung hyung's parents" he replied then went to greet the two.

The minute that sungmin finished greeting Yesung's parents he heard a voice, it was yesung clearing his throat "everybody I have an announcement to make" he started and sungmin's eyed widened in shock 'he's not seriously going to say it' he asked himself.

Before sungmin could answer his self yesung continued "since today is sungmin's birthday I would like to use this opportunity to make sungmin's wish come true" he said then signaled sungmin to come and stand next to him.

As soon as sungmin stood next to yesung he held his hand "will now that sungmin is right next to me I'll say it, mom dad uncle and aunt...." he started then looked at sungmin and smiled "sungmin and I are dating" and with that one sentence the sounds of claps filled the room, looks like everybody approved on their relationship.

Hearing those claps yesung lend forward and softly kissed sungmin's forehead "happy birthday my cute boyfriend, I hope I made your new year wish come true" he said and sungmin's eyes got teary "you did" he said then hugged yesung.

Now that his wish came true happiness filled sungmin's heart, all he ever wished for came true yet heechul had to rune his happiness by scolding yesung.

"yah Kim yesung I said no kissing my baby brother in front of me" heechul scolded, "don't be such a mood breaker heechul its sungmin's birthday so of course his boyfriend will kiss him" mrs.lee said while yesung stuck his tongue out.

Looks like sungmin's mom already liked the fact that yesung and sungmin are dating and from the look on Yesung's moms face and the talk about their sons future between the two dads sungmin had confirmed that his wish really came true.

A/N: happy new year everybody and happy birthday to my cute baby bunny, lee sungmin.
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Be my boyfriend

Be my boyfriend

Title: Be my boyfriend
pairing: Yemin, slight! Hanchul
Genre: romance
Raiting: G
Length: one shot
Summary: after returning from his 2 years mandatory military service, yesung have decided to finally confess his feelings for sungmin and a confession he did.

[sungmin i'm dying]'Sorry min but I want be able to come back today, there's a problem with my release papers' sungmin sat in his bed remembering the text message he received from yesung.

Sungmin's thoughts were soon cut of when his phone rang "hello" he answered "min I'm dying help me" said heechul before texting his address to sungmin.

Since sungmin was so worried about heechul he ran out of his house without even changing, the only thing he did was brushing his teethes.

.........after 30 minutes.........

Heechul smiled when he saw sungmin rushing from his car dressed in his cute pink bunny pajama and pink fluffy slippers.

As soon as sungmin saw heechul he ran toward him and worriedly asked "hyung are you ok?" heechul then rubbed sungmin's shoulder before shoving him inside a wooden house "sorry min I lied" he said then ran to the car where Hankyung was waiting.

Being shoved inside the house by heechul made sungmin curs heechul for making him think that he was actually dying then locking him in this house.

Because he was so focused in cursing heechul, sungmin didn't notice the candles or the tables with pink sheets covering them in the house and when he did, it shocked him.

'Play me' he read on a note sticked to a tape recorder near by the door and so did sungmin, there was a strange guys voice in it, he was saying something.

"Please proceed to the first table" said the voice and so did sungmin, "now take of the pink sheets" the voice continued and taking the sheets of he did.

When sungmin took of the sheets he saw a red box filled with heart shaped chocolate that had sungmin's favorite word written on it 'saranghae'.

Seeing those beautiful chocolates Sungmin reached his hand to take one but then the voice in the recorder spoke "stop hungrily looking at the chocolates and proceed to the second table" the voice demanded.

Sungmin chuckled after hearing that it's weird how that voice knew he was going to eat one of the chocolates instead of going to the next table.

The next sheet sungmin took off had a beautiful small pink box with a bow on it and a note that said 'do not open' and so said the voice on the recorder.

Because he couldn't open the box sungmin eagerly went to take of the sheets from the third and final table and it had a pink heart shaped paper on it.

At first sungmin couldn't believe what he read on the paper therefore he took the paper and read it up close and boy he was shocked.

The thing that made sungmin's eyes get as wide as an owls was 'Lee sungmin, would you be my boyfriend?' and then curiosity filled his mind who could be the one who did all this for him.

Sungmin's curiosity son vanished when the voice in the recorder ordered him to go to the room in front of him if he wanted to know who that person is.

Filled with excitement sungmin almost barged into the room but stooped, he wanted to first see who it is before he could react to the situation.

When Sungmin opened the door he looked at who it was and then his shock doubled, could it be who he thinks it is? And then he heard his beautiful voice.

'It really is him' thought sungmin, he then launched himself toward yesung and back hugged him "I would" he said causing yesung to turn around and hug him back.

After a couple of more minutes hugging each other the two broke the hug. "I missed you" said yesung "me more" replied sungmin with a pout which made yesung chuckle and happily ruffle his hair, how he missed seeing that pout when he was serving in the army.

"Give me the box" yesung suddenly said stretching his hands in front of sungmin who immediately obeyed and gave the box to yesung.

Now that the box was in Yesung's hand he opened it then took out a beautiful silver ring with their initials written on it, yesung then slept it on sungmin's ring finger.

When yesung placed the ring on sungmin's finger it made him teary but what really made his tears roll down his cheeks was Yesung's words "this is the prove of our love" he said then kissed sungmin's forehead as if sealing his words.

After sealing his words yesung smiled at sungmin "you can eat the chocolate now, I know your dying to do that" he said making sungmin blush and shyly smile.

'How come he knew that' thought sungmin but not for a long time, he really wanted to eat those beautifully made chocolates and so he did.

Because he was so focused in eating his chocolate sungmin didn't notice it when yesung pulled him to sit on the sofa until he felt Yesung's muscular arm circle around his waist.

"You have some strong muscles" said sungmin while poking Yesung's arm, it really was big and muscular yet in a nice way "will I guess two years of practicing in the army really did help build my body" said yesung.

Seeing Yesung's muscular body made sungmin look at his own chubby one and that made him pout "I'm so fat" he said while sadly sighing.

Yesung couldn't help but chuckle at how cute sungmin was especially when he was wearing his cute pink bunny pajama and slipper, "you're not fat min, your cute and I like it" he commented and that made Sungmin feel happy.

"Really?" sungmin hopefully asked "of course, I love my cute squishy boyfriend" replied yesung which made sungmin happily hug him, it meant a lot for him when his boyfriend said that.

.........the next morning.........

"good morning" said yesung smiling at his boyfriend who snuggled to his body, it felt so good to be able to spend the night with sungmin in his arm.

"Don't you want to go eat breakfast before taking revenge from heechul hyung" yesung continued and immediately after that sungmin became wide awake and they both went to eat breakfast.

That morning the Yemin couple had the best day of their life all spent in that wooden house and nearby the lake and it was the best time in their life's, a memory to remember and a love to cherish forever.

A/N: i just finished another crapy romantic fluffy fic but will yeh, anyway merry christmas everybody.

Broken Heart

Title: Broken Heart
pairing: Yemin, broken! Kyumin, slight! Kyuwook
Genre: romance, angst, poem fic.
Rating: G
Length: one shot
Summary: after his brake up with his cheater now ex-boyfriend cho stupid kyuhyun sungmin ran to his childhood best friend for comfort and alongside with that he found he's true happiness.

[Spoiler (click to open)]『this will break your heart and make you cry make you lonely and in denial it will take away from you the smile』

Sungmin's peaceful sleep was disturbed by the sound of doors getting slammed and a stinky smell of alcohol along side with the voice of his drunk boyfriend.

After those many noisy voices sungmin saw his boyfriend walking in their bed room with his best friend ryowook.

"Yah lee sungmin get of that bed my boyfriend and I want to sleep there" said kyuhyun to a now wide eyed sungmin who couldn't believe what just happened.

Since sungmin still hadn't moved away from the bed kyuhyun harshly pulled his arm then threw him out of the bed crashing his body to the wall.

After doing that kyuhyun pulled ryowook and cuddled with him on the bed that he and sungmin used to cuddle on and it pained sungmin to see that.

Because he felt like dying right now Sungmin ran out of the apartment as fast as he could therefore within 10 minutes he reached his destination.

When sungmin reached his destination he rang the doorbell almost a million time until the house owner open the door.

"Min what's wrong?" yesung (the house owner and sungmin's childhood best friend) asked but got nothing but cries in reply.

『But don’t be so sad because he will get his heart broken crying lonely in denial without even a single smile one day』

The next morning when kyuhyun woke up he was shocked to see ryowook with him on the bed instead of sungmin therefore he ran out of the room to look for sungmin but he wasn't there.

Kyuhyun panicked after not seeing sungmin in the apartment but then suddenly he heard the doorbell and went to open it.

"Yesung hyung!" kyuhyun asked clearly shocked to see yesung standing in front of his apartment's door so early in the morning.

Yesung couldn't hold his anger after seeing kyuhyun that's why he pushed kyuhyun on the ground then went into the room to pack sungmin's stuff.

When yesung opened the door he saw an ugly looking guy that wasn't actually that ugly but that's what yesung thought since he figured out that he's the one who broke sungmin's heart and caused him back pain.

After that, yesung gave a death glare to the ugly guy then started packing sungmin's stuff in a bag without answering the many questions that were shot by kyuhyun he then went back to his apartment.

Ever since that day kyuhyun's heart broke and never once did he meet with ryowook again all he could think about was getting sungmin back by his side.

『and then things will just be hard to fix, because a broken heart is like a lonely bird with no voice and a broken wing』

After that yesung came back from kyuhyun's apartment he headed straight to the kitchen in order to make sungmin something to eat.

20 minutes after that yesung took the try in the living room and placed on the table then frowned when he saw sungmin crying, he has been doing that since last night.

"min you should stop crying he's not worth it" said yesung which made sungmin's cries to get louder "but I loved him hyung, I loved him from the bottom of my heart" was sungmin's reply.

Yesung felt a sudden pain in his heart after hearing that therefore he hugged sungmin "will it's his fault for harming such a lovely creature like you in order to get an ugly one, and trust me sungmin from what I saw this morning I swear he's truly ugly compared to you" yesung tried to jokingly assure but sungmin kept on crying until he fell asleep in Yesung's arms,

Because sungmin was now asleep yesung laid him on the couch, covered him with a blanket then went out to buy some chocolate and ice-cream for sungmin, you know to make him feel beater.

When yesung was gone the doorbell to his apartment rang and of course there was no one else but sungmin to open it.

As soon as sungmin opened the door he was pulled in a tight bone crushing hug by non other than his idiot now ex-boyfriend cho stupid kyuhyun.

Sungmin couldn't do anything but struggle and beg for kyuhyun to let go of him it really pained his back when kyuhyun hugged him but seems like cho stupid kyuhyun didn't even care.

After a couple more seconds of begging and struggling sungmin felt kyuhyun being pulled away and the a loud voice of a punch and a person being slammed to the wall and floor was heard.

It was yesung who came just in time to wrench kyuhyun away from sungmin and beat the hell out of the idiot called cho stupid kyuhyun.

Now that yesung had took out his anger on kyuhyun he turned to look at the crying sungmin "are you ok? Does it heart so badly?" he worriedly asked while hugging sungmin who seemed like was trying to say something.

Before Sungmin could even speak the words 'watch out' kyuhyun turned yesung around forcing him to face kyuhyun who tried to punch yesung but yesung seceded in dogging it then twisting kyuhyun's arm and with a kick yesung through kyuhyun all the way until the stairs, looks like being childhood friends with sungmin does have an advantage .

After almost killing kyuhyun yesung turned to look at sungmin again and helped him to stand up then the two went in so they could place an ice bag over sungmin's now read in pain back.

『So you stay days and nights crying until you're tears dry and your eyes pop out with all your friends and family beside telling you to stop before you get week as a butterfly』

Every night since the brake up sungmin would cry himself to sleep in Yesung's warm hug but lately he didn't do that because every time yesung touched him he would back away, it pained his body if it was touched.

While in Yesung's case it pained his heart because he couldn't calm sungmin and assure him that everything will be ok and tomorrow is a new day filled with new hopes.

Because both of them where in pain yesung contacted their other friends so they could help him figure out a way to make sungmin feel beater but they all failed.

Even leetuek's words of wisdom, heechul's threats and eunhea's silly ways failed cause clearly sungmin just didn't even listen to any of his friends.

『And then you realize that it wasn’t true love and true love could be a finger away from your heart but you will never see it because you always steer your eyes around without stopping.』

Its bean 6 months since the brake up and day by day sungmin was healing, both physically and mentally.

Today sungmin's healing process was the best because today he walked up to yesung and told him that he's ready to finally get over cho stupid kyuhyun.

Yesung couldn't believe what he just heard, he was so shocked yet at the same time happy that sungmin had finally decided to get over cho stupid kyuhyun.

----+35 minutes----

The two had now went out to a coffee shop that yesung liked and that coffee shop happened to be the same one were sungmin first meet kyuhyun.

While the two were waiting for their orders to arrive yesung saw kyuhyun and the ugly guy (as yesung calls him), they were sitting directly behind sungmin.

Yesung didn't want sungmin's condition to get back to his bad days if he sees that that's why he stood up and pulled sungmin's hand trying to make him stand up to, "their taking too long let's go somewhere else" he suggested.

Chuckling was the only thing that sungmin did after seeing what yesung did and hearing what he said, "don't worry hyung I know that he and mr.ugly are behind me but I don't care I'm over him" he assured yesung smiling then signaled him to set back on his seat.

Two minutes after that the orders arrived and immediately the two started eating after that Sungmin had declared that he will find a new love, a real two sided love where he will love and be loved back and that made yesung proud yet hurt.

『Yet if you do focus your eyes and stop them from steering around true love could be found』

Three more months went by all spent on sungmin searching for his soul mate, the one that will love him as equally as he does.

Because sungmin was so bored today he asked yesung to go out with him and after many discussions they ended up going to the mall.

----+25 minutes----

"hyung" called sungmin with a low shy voice "hmmmmm" yesung replied but sungmin couldn't say what he wanted to "never mind" he said.

Yesung got curios when sungmin didn't say what he wanted to especially since he used a shy low voice therefore he looked at him "do you want to say something?" he asked full of curiosity which made sungmin blush and lower his head "I'll tell you when we reach the mall" he shyly answered.

----+12 minutes----

"ok were here say it" demanded yesung after looking the car door but sungmin didn't answer therefore yesung tried to make him say it "so...." he tried and it succeeded to make sungmin say it.

With a blushing face and shy low voice sungmin said it "I think I'm in love" he said and yesung smiled "that's great, but who is that lucky person?" he asked causing even more darker shades of blush to show up on sungmin's now tomato red face.

Sungmin eventually gave up on being a shy guy and approached yesung whispering the words in Yesung's ear "it you" he whispered then placed a quick kiss on Yesung's cheek before running away from him.

Yesung stood there smiling like a crazy person after what sungmin did until he realized that sungmin was gone, "yah lee sungmin come back here" he yelled then ran after sungmin.

Because he was overly happy, yesung couldn't hold himself that's why he locked his hands with sungmin's as soon as he reached were sungmin was standing and blushing madly.

"now that your my boyfriend I'm never letting go of you even if ask me to do that" he demandingly yet sweetly said which made sungmin's face to get tomato red again while Yesung's smile grow wide from ear to ear.

Just like how it always is, 'best friends since ever are most likely to become lovers who will separate never' and that's how a two sided true love story between those two childhood friends became one of the most amazing love story's ever known.


A/N: i'm back with no more fluffs this time thats why i would really wish that you would like my angst and poeam fic (P.S: i wrote the suppose to be a poem therefore i apologize) anyway i hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading

Hi kid

Title: Hi kid
pairing: Yemin, kid!henry, slight!kyuwook
Genre: romance, fluff, kids fic
Length: one shot
Summary: it was suppose to be a quite reading time for both yesung and sungmin but suddenly it turned the Yemin couple into parents.

[Yeye let's adopt a baby]It was a lovely spring day yesung and sungmin were cuddled on their bed reading a book, yesung was reading a novel while sungmin was reading a book about how to take care of a child which yesung finds weird because there's no way for two guys to have a baby.

"Yeye let's adopt a baby" sungmin suddenly interrupted causing Yesung's eyes to widen in shock "what for?" he asked and sungmin glared at him "to eat him" he said sarcastically.

Yesung mentally slapped himself after realizing what he just asked "that's not what I meant, I'm just curious about what made you say that" he resend out

Sungmin then looked at yesung happily "well you see in this book that I'm reading they say that if you're a couple and have a baby it will help you in your relationship and beside I really want one" he said the last part whining like a kid.

Hearing sungmin's whine yesung chuckled "I don't think I need one min having you is enough for me" he said and sungmin pouted "but I'm not a kid" he whined causing yesung to pinch his cheeks "as if I believe that" he said and sungmin again pouted.

Being the stubborn person he is, sungmin glared at yesung "will I want to adopt a baby so it's ether you agree on that or I'll kick you out of the apartment and live alone with my baby" he threatened and yesung whimpered, sungmin would really do that.

Since he had no other choice yesung sighed "fine we will adopt a baby" he said and sungmin happily clapped before hugging yesung "thanks yeye your the best I love you so much" he said and again yesung had no choice but to smile at sungmin, he just loves it when sungmin gets over happy it makes him look even cuter.

The next day- *in the morning*

"yeye wake up were going to be late" sungmin said as he shakes Yesung's shoulder "shut up min I want to sleep" was Yesung's answer while pushing sungmin's hand away but that didn't work it just made sungmin shake him more than before until he woke up.

Yesung frowned at sungmin the moment he woke up "do you have to be this annoying so early in the morning?" he asked and sungmin frowned back at him "but we're going to be late you promised me that we will go adopt a baby today" he whined.

Yesung's eyes widened after hearing that 'today?' he asked himself but didn't say it out loud, he's not in the mood to argue with sungmin so early in the morning.

*in the orphanage*

Yesung and sungmin entered an orphanage nearby their apartment, there was a party in there.

"happy birthday to you" all the kids except for one chubby kid cheered for the birthday kid and since all the kids were gathered in one place sungmin took the opportunity to drag yesung with him so they can chose a kid but the kids were all not appealing to sungmin, he didn't get that fatherly feel as he said to yesung.

Still not liking any kid sungmin kept on dragging yesung until his eyes landed on a particular kid who sat alone in a corner.

"What's your name kid?" sungmin asked the lonely kid "henry" the kid replied "will then henly why aren't you playing with the other kids?" he again asked.

The kid frowned after hearing sungmin's question "they don't like me cause my mommy was a Chinese women" he replied and sungmin felt sad "but I like you" he said while the kids face brightened "really?" he asked and sungmin nodded.

After nodding sungmin looked at yesung with his cute puppy eyes and immediately yesung understood that this is the kid, 'he's the one' he thought as he looked at the kid it just sent him a strange happy feeling when he looked at him therefore he two nodded and smiled then crouched next to the kid.

"hi kid I'm yesung and this is sungmin" yesung introduced the two of them then smiled at henry "would you like to be our son?" he asked and henry's eyes widened "me, really?" he asked back and the two nodded then smiled which made henry smile and hug the two happily, "guess that's a yes" commented yesung and all three of them smiled already becoming like a family.

*after two weeks*

Henry happily walked toward his soon to be parents when he saw them interring the orphanage "mommy, daddy" he yelled and the two greeted him with wide open arms ready to squish the chubby kid in a tight hug.

"hi henry" greeted sungmin causing the kid to look at him happily "mommy you finally got my name right, henry is so happy" the little kid announced then kissed sungmin's cheek as a reward, he truly was happy that sungmin called him henry instead of the usual henly.

Getting a kiss from henry made sungmin so happy that he almost choked the boy with his hug if it wasn't for yesung who saved the poor henry.

"So are you ready to go shopping?" asked yesung and the two happily smiled "let's shop" the two happily announced then went out of the orphanage.

*at the mall*

"come on daddy let's go henry wants to buy some candy" the little cute kid whined and yesung tried to walk faster while struggling with the many bags of stuff that sungmin bought for henry which he by the way didn't even see, he just paid and carried the bags.

Getting a little impatient henry walked faster toward his so called mommy who was ahead of them with nothing is his hands "mommy henry wants to buy some candy" the little boy cutely whined which earned him a cheek pinch from sungmin "mommy wants some too" he whined as childishly as henry did.

After whining sungmin turned toward yesung "yeye walk faster henry and I want to go buy some candy" he whined while yesung cursed the two in his mind 'those two heartless whiny kids if they would've helped me with the bags I could have walked faster' he thought then hurried toward those two before they lose it.

*in the candy store*

Henry and sungmin bought every type of candy in the store and of course yesung paid for it then held the large bag of candy while the two again whined saying that their hungry and want to eat therefore they went to the food court and there they saw someone.

"Yesung hyung, sungmin hyung" called ryowook waving his hands after seeing the two who were now walking toward him and kyuhyun.

"Hi wookie, hi kyunie" greeted sungmin, "oh my god what a cute kid hyung who is he?" asked ryowook with a happy smile.

Hearing ryowook's question yesung proudly introduced henry "this is henry our cute little son" he said and ryowook waved at henry "hi henly" he greeted the kid who frowned at him.

After that he saw henry's frown ryowook panicked "did I upset him or something?" he asked "oh no not at all he just hates it when people call him henly instead of henry" replied sungmin then nudged henry to say hi.

"Henry say hi to uncle ryowook and uncle kyuhyun" said sungmin, "hello I'm henRy" the cute kid said emphasizing the R in his name "will aren't you one fat kid henry" teased kyuhyun earning him a glare from sungmin "my baby is not fat he's cute" he defended the kid.

Hearing the word fat reminded henry of something "daddy henry is hungry, I want to eat a pizza" he whined which made yesung smile at him "we will go eat now" he said then ryowook looked at the two "why don't you seat here with us?" he suggested and the three sat down with him and kyuhyun.

Since henry was a food lover like his mommy the two of them started eating the minute that the food arrived which made kyuhyun tease sungmin "you know hyung you should stop eating or else yesung hyung might just breakup with the fat you" teased kyuhyun.

Henry immediately let go of the pizza slice in his hand after hearing that and looked at yesung "daddy will you really leave mommy if he ate too much food and became fat?" he asked eyes getting a bit teary.

Seeing henry's teary eyes broke Yesung's heart "don't listen to that crazy person henry I would never leave mommy even if he became as fat as an elephant" he assured while the kid smiled then got back to eating his food.

As soon as henry got back to his eating sungmin glared at kyuhyun "yah cho kyuhyun how dare you call me fat" he kind of yelled but kyuhyun just laughed at him.

Sungmin got angrier after hearing kyuhyun's laughter "he calls you mommy?" kyuhyun sarcastically asked still laughing then looked at henry "if you still hadn't noticed kid your mommy is a guy not a girl" he said but henry just shrugged "daddy said I shouldn't listen to crazy people like you" he replied.

For a moment there kyuhyun got speechless, "he's evil I like it" he finally said completely taken aback by henry's smart reply to defend sungmin while sungmin kept silence remembering the day that henry asked to call him mommy.

Flash back

it was the second day that yemin went to visit henry in order to get to know him better but something surprised them, it was henry's strange request.

"Can I call you mommy?" henry asked looking at the shocked sungmin "It's just that kids won't call me china kid anymore if I tell them that my mommy is Korean" he continued eyes getting teary.

Sungmin's tears rolled down his cheeks after hearing that "of course you can, from now on I'm henly's mommy and henly is my cute baby" he said hugging the kid who sobbed in his arms.

End of flash back

a single tear escaped sungmin's eyes after remembering that and of course that didn't go unnoticed by the two people he loved the most.

"min are you crying?" asked yesung after seeing sungmin's tear but sungmin just smiled and wiped his tear "I just remembered something" he assured smiling at yesung.

Henry felt sad after seeing the tear on his mommy's face "awwww don't cry mommy, henry hates it when mommy cry's" he said hugging sungmin's waist and that made sungmin smile then ruffle his hair.

*after 25 minutes*

"chocolate,chips,cookies,juice,sweets,candy,......." sungmin mumbled as he looked at the list in his hand before taking another chocolate bar then carefully placing it in the cart not wanting to wake up the sleeping cutie.

Yesung saw that sungmin had stopped picking up food therefore he smiled at him "are you done?" he asked and sungmin nodded then the two went to pay and go home.

After paying for their stuff yesung carried both the bags and henry while he handed the keys to sungmin asking him to go start the car and so he did and soon afterwards they went back to the orphanage.

Now that they were at the orphanage yesung went in and brought henry's stuff then drove back to their apartment.

*after another 25 minutes-in front of the apartment*

"min could you go open the door while I carry henry" asked yesung, sungmin then took the keys and went to open the apartment door.

As soon as sungmin opened the lights of the apartment yesung came in carrying henry in his arms he then went and laid him on his bed in his new room.

When yesung laid henry on the bed the kid refused to let go of him therefore yesung asked sungmin to remove the kid away from him then stay with him while he goes to get the stuff from the car.

As if knowing that yesung was gone henry started crying which made sungmin hug the kid, rocking him to sleep until after 10 minutes the kid fell asleep therefore sungmin went back to his bedroom.

When sungmin entered the room he saw yesung laying on the bed, face barred in the pillow therefore he slowly approached him then rubbed his shoulders.

Yesung's POV

I was so tiered after that I finished taking out the stuff from the car therefore I immediately through my body on the bed when I reached it.

As I was trying to rest my tired body I felt a hand rubbing my shoulder and since there is only one person who would do that I turned around and smiled at him.

"you must be tired?" he asked me and I nodded which made him rub my shoulders a bit harder than before it felt so good and relaxing.

After a couple of minutes spent on massaging my shoulder I grabbed his hand and pulled him to lay on his side of the bed.

"today was so tiring let's just sleep" I said and pulled him closer to me letting my tiered body rest with his warm relaxing one and then suddenly there was a knock on the door and it shocked us.

Normal POV

Henry slowly opened the door after that he was given permission to enter the room, "mommy, daddy can I sleep here with you tonight I'm scared" the little boy asked head lowered in embarrassment while clutching his stuffed toy.

The two new parents couldn't help but chuckle at how cute henry looked while clutching the stuffed toy that's why they smiled at him, "sure" replied yesung stretching his arms wide open.

Sungmin to smiled and stretched his arms for henry and immediately after that the kid ran and jumped on the bed settling his self in between his parents.

"Mommy, daddy when did you first meet? How did it happen?" the little kid asked, "we meet 5 years ago when daddy kicked a ball into my face" replied sungmin while smiling at those happy memories.

"Shouldn't you be hating daddy instead of falling in love with him mommy?" the kid asked sungmin who smiled at him, "why should I?" he asked.

Henry looked at sungmin as if he was some sort of a weird creature after hearing his question "cause he hit you with a ball in your face" he replied which made sungmin chuckle.

Yesung's couldn't help but smile after hearing their talk he then frowned when henry said that sungmin should have hated him.

"well you see henry when mommy looked at my face he couldn't do anything but be amazed at my handsome face and just like a sinking ship he fell deeply in love with me" yesung commented on henry's words.

Now that yesung cleared the situation he yawned then ruffled henry's hair "enough with the questions now and go to sleep" he said, henry then smiled and kissed the cheeks of his mom and dad "goodnight mommy, goodnight daddy" he said then drifted into a deep sleep happy that he finally found himself two loving parents.

A/N: oh man i did it again, i made the ending in a bed again why can't my brain work on thinking of something else and why can't my handds write a non bed ending. i hate those two but will yay i finished another one shot i'm so happy.


Anniversary, The Day Before It And The Day After It {8/8}

Title: Anniversary, The Day Before It And The Day After It
Title of this chapter: sorry and goodnight kisses
pairing: Yemin (main), eunhea& kyuwook (side)
Genre: romance, slight comedy, slight angst
Length: 8 chapters
Summary: it was suppose to be the happiest day for the Yemin couple because they would celebrate their 1 year anniversary but things just went wrong and then a shocking surprise happened. What was it? To whom did it happen? And how did that person react?

["Hi cuties" the two of them greeted then came to hug sungmin and ryowook.]
••••••••sorry and goodnight kisses••••••••

"What is it?" the two of them innocently asked but then when they felt pain in their ears they realized what had happened.

Sungmin was standing in the kitchen while pinching the ears of Yesung and kyuhyun "who broke my sunflower plate?" he angrily asked while the other two kept screaming in pain.

"He did" the two of them answered pointing at each other then sungmin screamed "both of you clean up this mess right now" "and unpack those too" he continued pointing at the grocery then dragged ryowook outside so he won't help them.

As soon as they sat on the couch ryowook worriedly asked "hyung weren't you a bit harsh on them?" "No they deserve that for breaking my sunflower plate" sungmin angrily answered.

2 minutes after that the eunhea couple came back home and they were totally drunk.

"Hi cuties" the two of them greeted then came to hug sungmin and ryowook.

Before the eunhea could do that they bumped into the table and caused the stuff on it to fall including sungmin's glass of water.

"Yah" sungmin screamed at the two of them "go to your room right now" he said then the two of them hurried to the room.

After seeing sungmin like that ryowook rubbed his shoulder then said "hyung relaxes" but sungmin just huffed and went to his room.

10 minutes had passed and after cleaning the kitchen Yesung and kyuhyun were so tired and went to sleep.

After steeping in the living room kyuhyun immediately held ryowook's hand then the two of them went to sleep while Yesung got the shock of his life.

"this is you're punishment for braking my sunflower plate, KIM YESUNG HYUNG (♯`∧´)" Yesung reed that on a paper placed above his pillow, pajama and blanket.

Seeing that Yesung tried to open the door but it was locked "min can you please open the door" he said but got no answer.

'What's wrong with him it's just a plate' Yesung thought while trying to sleep comfortably on the couch.

'because you bought it for him idiot' his inner voice spoke then Yesung remembered that and thought 'he must be really mad because I gave it to him but then I broke it' and then closed his eyes trying to sleep while thinking of how to apologize to sungmin.

Before Yesung could completely fall asleep he heard the sound of a door being opened and saw sungmin sneaking out of the room trying to be as quite as possible.

Seeing that Yesung decided to pretend to be sleeping while actually he was spying on Sungmin who by now was so close to the couch.

"Sorry hyung" sungmin whispered then kissed yesung's right cheek before continuing "I was so stressed and looks like I let it all out on you and the others" he then kissed yesung's left cheek.

Sungmin was about to go back to his room when suddenly Yesung grabbed his wrist "only two, you now I don't like the number two" he said teasingly and sungmin blushed.

Yesung then pulled sungmin to set on the couch next to him and impatiently said "I'm still waiting you know" and sungmin felt like a hot water bag was placed on his cheeks from hearing that "for what?" he asked.

As soon Yesung heard that he started laughing then said "don't act dumb you know exactly what I mean" "no I don't" sungmin shyly replied not looking at yesung's face.

'So that's how you wana play huh lee sungmin, fine two can play this game' Yesung thought then kissed sungmin's cheek "for this" he said then pulled sungmin into a hug.

"If you're having some stress then talk about what's causing it, it's better than getting angry at the others you know" Yesung suggested and sungmin just nodded in response.

Sungmin felt relived after hearing what Yesung said then heard Yesung yawning "I'm so tired let's go sleep" he said then dragged sungmin to their bed room.

"Hyung I'm sorry for making you do all that cleaning earlier" sungmin one more time apologized when they were lying on their bed but Yesung just said it was ok.

2 minutes had passed and the two of them still hadn't slept they just silently laid there until Yesung poked sungmin's cheek and teasingly said "I'm still waiting you know" he said smirking.

Sungmin at first decided to ignore Yesung but his body moved by his own and kissed yesung's cheek but when sungmin realized what he or should I say his body did he immediately hid under the blanket not wanting Yesung to see him blushing.

'Look at how cute he is hiding his blushing face' inner Yesung said while the real Yesung grabbed sungmin's waist "next time I won't accept just three" he teasingly informed and that was it sungmin was now burning hot from the embarrassment but what made it even worst is how Yesung whispered him goodnight then rested his head on sungmin's shoulder while tithing his hold on sungmin's wait.

Just like before sungmin's body moved by its own and placed sungmin's hands on yesung's while his lips whispered a goodnight then the two of them happily drifted to a peaceful sleep.

A/N: finnaly it's over i'm both happy and sad but i guess i fell more happy than sad but i still dont know what is wrong with me and a sleeping end i did it in my other three fics to i should stop that but will just like sungmin my body acts on it own. so anyway hope you enjoyed this fic and hope you will enjoy my other upcoming fics to.


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